Animations on the web

A video-based course by Emil Kowalski

Learn how to craft animations that make people feel something. It's for those that like my style of animations and/or anyone aspiring to improve their skills. This course contains everything I know about motion on the web. You'll learn how to build components like these two below, and more.


An opinionated toast component for React that people love.


A drawer component for React, made to bring the native feel to the web.

01 — Fundamentals

Split into 3 parts: making it feel right, how I use framer motion, the big little details. I’ll give you some resources that I use when working with motion, a blueprint of sorts. Keep in mind that the parts are not finalized yet and might change.

Making it feel right 15.03.2024Why do some animations feel better than others? What actually makes the difference?
  1. 01. What makes an animation feel right?
  2. 02. The easing blueprint
  3. 03. Spring animations
  4. 04. Timing and purpose
  5. 05. Taste
How I use Framer Motion 29.04.2024I'll show you how I animate things with Framer Motion and how to get the most out of it.
  1. 01. Why Framer Motion?
  2. 02. How do I code animations?
  3. 03. App Store-like transitions
  4. 04. Amie's split-screen
Good vs Great animations 31.05.2024Going the extra mile to make your animations feel and behave even better.
  1. 01. Performance
  2. 02. Accessibility
  3. 03. Orchestration
  4. 04. Delight

02 — Walkthroughs

You’ll get to see how I create animations from scratch, including the reasons behind my decisions. I’ll show you the tricks I use, and how I tackle the challenges I face. Source code will be included, and more walkthroughs will be added over time.

Family's drawer

We'll build a drawer for mobile devices used in the Family's iOS app.

Visual components by Family.
For educational purposes only.

Dynamic Island

The main focus here will be on easing and the smoothness of the animation.


I’m Emil, a design engineer working at Vercel, and creator of two open source libraries called Sonner and Vaul. I see animations on the web as a form of art, and care deeply about how they look, feel, and behave. I want people to have a moment of delight when they use the things I create.

Emil’s work blends design, motion and incredible attention to the little things. I’m looking forward to his course. Preordered!

Registration is closed

The registration will reopen for 5 days on April 29th. That's when the Framer Motion part of the course launches as well.

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